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Sussex Studios--
Spectacularly capturing the "Wedding Day in Your Life" through vivid imagery.

Sussex Studios specializes in people photography: Candidly capturing the nuances of your wedding day. Blending fashion photography and photojournalism. Comprehensively documenting your wedding with B&W and color imagery. Simplifying the process through Online ordering & previewing. Offering customized services that you would like. Emphasizing the important thing-- to have awesome wedding photography coverage the day of your wedding. This Studio is based in Cleveland, OH but travels across the country for events.

John Kieger is the principal photographer with Sussex Studios. He has over twenty years of professional photographic experience and specializes in location photography for people, places, & products. He has Commercial and Editorial photographic expertise and has had his photographs published in The New York Times, Business Week and The Boston Globe. His list of Commercial clients includes: Avery Dennison, Aramark, Bank Investment Marketing, Cargill Salt, National City Corporation, Network World, Prudential Insurance of America, Thomson Media and Xerox.

John captures the magical "Wedding Day in Your Life" moments in the natural environment in which the events unfold!

"We specialize in candid reportage photography while still having the expertise to properly pose formals. Because of our reportage style of photography, many of our clients have 'nontraditional' or 'ethnic' weddings since we don't miss the important unexpected and candid photographs that are never on a 'posing list.'

We offer collections: If you are interested in albums, we offer custom bound leather albums & library bound albums. We tailor make the wedding services that you would like so you are getting exactly what you need. Lastly, we offer the option of creating a customized collection to meet your specific needs. It makes it real easy to work with us, since we offer on-line ordering & viewing of photos. Anyone with Internet access has access to our services. The most important thing to focus on now-- to have awesome wedding photography coverage the day of your wedding."

All collections come with options such as: an engagement photography session with an 8x10 photo, a cd with with images from your wedding, and offer the flexibility for you to custom design albums (if ordered) and most importantly, no time or location limitation on the day of your wedding!

Tel: 216.751.6160 | 19024 Lomond Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44122-5106 | info@SussexStudio.com
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